A-Wolf (novel)

“Good story, well written, exciting and very entertaining.” – Amazon.com customer review Preview Chapters 1 to 4 (opens as .pdf):  A_Wolf_by_Ben_Lees_Chapters_1_to_4

Last night fire fell from the sky. In two days’ time it will fall again. Today thirteen year-old Alex wakes to find the news full of reports of meteorites striking major world cities. Despite the devastation it all seems a world away from affecting him in his quiet home in the countryside. But when another shower of meteorites strikes his village Alex suddenly finds himself plunged into the centre of a secret group’s desperate struggle against an otherworldly threat to blackmail the entire world. Transported to the streets of a New York still reeling from the strikes, Alex must face new threats from the sinister Approximations and their mysterious masters. With the uncertain help of a girl named Star, a shadowy, unseen figure known as “Blue” and a suit packed with highly advanced technology Alex must rise to a challenge that will take him halfway across the world – and beyond. It’s time for him to become A-Wolf.

A teenage/young adult superhero/science fiction adventure novel.

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