Amazing Pluto

Watching the Pluto flyby coverage it had occurred to me that “The Ice Mountains of Pluto” would be a great pulp sci-fi title and it’s even more amazing that they seem to be real.

Now we seem to have “The Nitrogen Glaciers of Pluto” – not quite what I’d have gone for but still a great title in there as well as some amazing science.

Twittering Ant-Man

Made a rare venture out onto Twitter and got some very friendly feedback about the Ant-Man movie.  A film featuring Thomas the Tank Engine can’t be all bad!

Wondering what the new Fantastic Four will like…

Dark Matter

Just reading that dark matter observations seem to be confounding physicists’ predictions again. It’s probably very frustrating for researchers but in a different way it’s great to know that at a time when a lot of people outside science seem to take scientific knowledge for granted, or seem to lack interest altogether, that there are still some huge mysteries left in the universe.

It’s even better when you think that it’s the substance that makes up the vast majority of the universe that we’re only really beginning to uncover…

Check it here