Sinister kids – great book

Found the trailer for Disney’s adaptation of Madeleine l’Engle’s ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ (out next year) on YouTube . I stumbled across this book by accident, knowing nothing about it, when I was about ten and loved it. For some reason I’ve never forgotten the otherworldly kids playing ball and here they are back to haunt me decades later and almost just as I pictured them!
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Go Ariane…

Exciting stuff with ESA pressing ahead with the new Ariane rocket:

And maybe on to Mars as well with some British input:

Going to Mars is still kind of a romantic notion in some ways but would be a massive technical achievement if it could be done.  Hope it would generate some benefits here on Earth as well.  Good luck to NASA with the next Orion test as well!

More Lego!

After looking at the Big Bang Theory Lego set I found there seem to be a lot of Lego recreations of movie scenes etc. on the Internet.  Finding myself with a spare few minutes a little while ago I thought I’d have a go at one too.

Since most of the recreations you’ll find are from well-known stories (and many are excellent), I thought I’d do one from something not at all even nearly well-known.  See below for a scene from A-Wolf, my own literary effort (available on Kindle!). Don’t ask what’s going on here – no spoilers!